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It’s time to get decorating Ontario!

It's time to get decorating Ontario!

It’s time to get decorating Ontario! The Eggs Factor virtual egg decorating contest is back and better than ever, with a dozen chances to win an iPad® mini. What could be better than that? For every valid entry,  Egg Farmers of Ontario (EFO) will be donating one dozen eggs to school nutrition programs, feeding hungry school kids. It’s easy to enter- just visit and use the drawing, painting, and colouring tools to design a stellar cock-a-doodle doodle.

In need of a little inspiration for your creation? We’ve compiled some of history’s greatest eggs to get you started:

5 Reason to LOVE Crepes

This weekend while shopping for a stock pot, I also came home with a crêpe pan.  Busy with my head down, serious about comparing stock pots, my daughter wandered down the store aisle and holding up a crêpe pan cheerfully said, “Look! We can make crêpes. Let’s get this mommy!” I know she’s thinking of a recent trip to Quebec City where we had our fill of sweet and savory crêpes, so of course I say yes.

And here begins our latest fun food adventures making crêpes!  First up in this series of posts on crêpes, I share why I think crêpes are terrific. Next, we’ll dig into how-to tips and delicious recipes.

How much fat is in an egg?

Eggs are highly nutritious offering 14 essential nutrients including an excellent source of hunger-curbing protein and a moderate amount of fat.

The fat in an egg is found in the yolk. There are 5 grams of fat, not a lot, a bit more than a teaspoon. That’s about the same amount of fat you’d find in other nutritious choices like a cup of lower fat 2% milk.

How much fat can you eat in a day?

What’s better to eat the egg white or the egg yolk?

Egg whites and egg yolks offer different nutrients, so to get the full 14 nutrient package, it’s best to eat the whole egg.

Just how does the nutrition profile of egg whites and egg yolks vary?  Take a look.

3 Easy Valentine’s Day Desserts

If there is one special occasion when you plan to have dessert I think that’s Valentine’s Day. And yes, you did hear that from a dietitian. Healthy eating is all about enjoying our food and that means making room for sweet treats.

Here are my top 3 Valentine’s Day dessert recipes:

  1. Chocolate Almond Macaroon Logs Invite the kids into the kitchen to help make these quick and easy treats. After dinner, make a pot of coffee and let the conversation lingering on while you enjoy these chocolate dipped macaroons. 

Eggs make top food trends for 2014

Great news for egg lovers! Eggs are expected to be front and centre on restaurant menus this year, according to food trends for 2014

Versatile, locally produced and enjoyed the world over, eggs offer chefs endless options from ethnic inspired dishes like Korean Bibimbap (rice, veggies & beef topped with an egg) to adding a fried egg to the all familiar burger. We’re told to watch for eggs showing up in stir-fries more often too. Wouldn’t you just love to learn more about how eggs are cooked up in kitchens all over the world?

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