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VanderWees Family

  • Name:
  • Location:
    Thunder Bay, ON
  • Farming Since:
    3rd generation
  • Egg Type:
    White and Brown
  • Retailer:
    Vanderwees Farms, throughout North Western Ontario
  • Other:
    Operates a feed mill and a retail farm and tack supply store in Thunder Bay (called Thunder Bay Feeds.)

How does it feel knowing that your farm is multi-generational?

"Moving on from high school and through university I had no intentions to stay at home and work on the family farm. The world was a big place and I wanted to see it and be a part of it. Looking back after almost 25 years my wife and our family have travelled to many places in Canada as well as abroad. We have seen our family farm change and grow since joining my uncles a quarter century ago. It has been a great ride, and I am so thankful that my father, uncles and grandfather had the vision so long ago."

The Eggs Factor winners will be announced May 13!